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Dr Divna Haslam

Dr Haslam is a registered clinical psychologist with a PhD in the field of parenting. She is a childhood adversity researcher based at Queensland University of Technology, and also holds an honourary position at the Parenting and Family Support Centre at the University of Queensland. Her work aims to ensure all children have access to the safe, loving, violence-free childhoods they need to thrive. This has involved a broad range of work from substantial work in field of evidence-based parenting supports through to epidemiological work in child maltreatment and adverse childhood experiences, most notably on the Australian Child Maltreatment Study.

Through combining her clinical experience and her research expertise Dr Haslam has made significant contributions to public policy and practice in Australia and overseas. She has served as a consultant to the Australian Government for multiple projects in the field of child maltreatment, and to governments internationally about population-based prevention programs that target modifiable family-related risk and protective factors. She has published extensively in leading international journals and her work has been cited in policy documents in seven countries, as well as in clinical excellence guidelines in the United Kingdom. Dr Haslam has a strong belief in the importance of prevention and is committed to conducting and using gold standard scientific research to improve the lives of children and families.